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Privacy Policy

This web site is owned by boberdoo.com LLC. We are offering this site as a service to lead generation companies and/or other companies that need to verify their lead information.

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Information submitted to leadQC.com will not be resold to anyone outside of boberdoo.com. This information includes names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, company names, or any other information pertaining to your data. leadQC clients may receive information on enhancements or changes made to leadqc.com or similar offers from boberdoo.com LLC. We will keep all phone logs, ip addresses, email addresses, and contact information of your signup in our permanent records in order to verify and confirm identities and their actions while logged into leadqc.com.

Any customer information clients submit to leadqc.com is private information. Neither boberdoo.com nor anyone else will use, copy, sell, transmit, or examine customers' information other than to respond to legal inquiries from law enforcement officials. We may keep both client and consumer information in our systems for one year in order to respond to any legal complaints where we are required to show exactly when information was entered. We may use sessions, cookies, referrers, and ip addresses to track your activity while you are using leadqc.com. We do not track any information of your web use once you have left leadqc.com. The information gathered while you are using leadqc.com is used strictly for our protection in the event that you illegally attempt to gain access to our systems or data.