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Lead Verification System

How many "Mickey Mouse" leads at 123 Main St. can you handle before your clients start getting upset and looking elsewhere for leads? 555-1212 is a pretty popular number right? leadQC.com can help stop the bad data problem by running over 30 data quality checks against your leads. leadQC can be integrated into a boberdoo.com lead system or we also have a web service available so you can integrate leadQC with your current lead system.

What Is The leadQC About

leadQC Features

  • Over 30 total checks against your data including the following
    • Geo-location testing - did somebody in Mumbai fill out the form saying they are in Memphis? This helps fight against fraudulent affiliates.
    • Reverse address to phone and phone to address comparison
    • Area Code comparison mapping
    • Zip Code comparison mapping
    • Cell phone and business phone lookup
    • Alternate name/number lookup based on both address and phone number
    • Bad words filter
    • Data compared to 5 different data sources!
    • For certain packages we use GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from https://www.maxmind.com.
    • For certain countries we use postal codes created by GeoNames, available from https://www.geonames.org.
    • For certain packages we use IP2Location.io https://www.ip2location.io web service.
  • Our proprietary algorithm takes all of the results and calculates a score
  • You determine at what score level you wish to define a lead as rejected
  • Review the results in your admin section so you can see why a lead was rejected
  • Extra tools in the admin section to help you make your manual decision on accept/reject
  • No sign up fees or long term contracts. Simply pay per query!